ACTS Complete Documents and Ministry Application









A) This document is reserved for the born again Christian only;

                   B) Non-believers will not understand the full purpose herein;

                   C) Applicants should read the entire document before submitting their application. The Application is time sensitive and appropriates funding for expense accounts and salaries according to the Minister’s Seniority and other completed practical and educational programs.

Basic employment and ministry responsibilities are all discipleship related as the Acts Minister practices the art of meditating on scripture, Unlocking Scripture Keys, sharing their own revelations to the mentor, choosing pre-approved ministry activities, daily login to their Legacy Group web page for discipleship needs from their appointed 12, responding to their disciple’s revelations essay reports, and other optional training for Ordainment, Counseling Certification, and other tasks as noted on the Minister’s “My Legacy Group” page. Salaries range from $700-$2000/Month part time and up to $9000/month for full time individual discipleship and/or small group leadership. Expense accounts are available at the entry level positions subsequent to the ministry certification and Seniority qualification. 

Notice: The Acts Ministry purpose is;

to ‘Act’-ivate your faith and take your Christianity to a greater spiritual place;

to include Jesus into your daily lifestyle of passionate Act-ivities;

to make Disciples of all nations (people groups) according to the Great Commission.

Please read the complete document.




Jesus Christ’s Discipleship Methodology (Overview)


From Your Neighborhood to the Nation and to all Nations




A New Journey and Your Legacy


The Faithful Christian Mission Statement


Jesus wants to say, Behold! A new Disciple!


A Lifestyle of Spiritual Growth and Temple Maintenance




“Be Holy as I am Holy”


Am I Qualified? Fishers of Men


Will I succeed?


My New Daily Calendar!




Prepare for His Return


Pastor “C’s” Calling 10 years ago




What is true Christian Ministry?




Our Local Churches need help – lots of help!


Why Ministries Fail


Why Acts Ministry will Succeed


Questions and Answers to consider before applying


Is the Holy Spirit working through this Pastor?


Why join the Acts Church Leadership Team?


Your personal and direct calling from Jesus


What the Bible says about salaries for Lay Ministry


Do not be conformed to this world


The Executive Pastor


The Dilemma






Financial Structure/Disclosure


The Church Purpose Defined


The Statement of Faith


The Vision and the Calling




Join the Acts Team – Begin Your Eternal Legacy


New Member Qualifications


The Discipler I Certification – Minister


Promotion – Overseer


Promotion – Ordained Minister


Promotion – Christian Counselor


The Elder Position


The Bishop




The Daily Work (A Joyful life in serving others!)


Paid Vacation Time (Ministers)


Basic Cell Church Services




One on One Mentoring


Accountability Reporting


Performance Evaluation


Weekly Bible Hermeneutics Study


How Much Time for the Task?




Code of Ethics






TempleMaintenance (Health and Fitness)


Conflict Resolution


Reasons not to apply


Public Statements




Members and Ministers Agree


Cell Church Guidelines and Rules


Open and Closed Church Forums


Reservation of Rights


Dispute Resolution (Secular)


Internal Church Counseling


Pre-Authorized Monthly Contributions/Tithing/Offering


Notice of Automatic Annual Renewal


Offering Adjustments


Termination or Cancellation


Professional/Independent Judgment


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Advice Disclosure




A Certified Minister of Acts


What does Certification mean?


Where do I start earning the Leadership Position?


How is the Acts Minister different?


What attire is appropriate during Cell Church Services?






Exclusive Koinonia Cell Services


Lifetime Pastoral Counseling (Active Members)


Evaluation for Spiritual Gifts


Obtain Spiritual Gifts


Eternal Legacy of Obedience to Jesus!





We see Jesus’ vision statement at Mark 10:45:
“The Son of Man (Messiah) did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

(Lifestyle of the true Christian is in passionate ministry)God has a big plan for you

Biblical Discipleship Methodology

Brief Overview

(Please review complete document)

I. Apply to Acts and begin a 30-90 days Ministry Certification (depending on background, experience, time invested, and inspiration from the Holy Spirit) with help from your Mentor, Co-Mentor and other Acts Leadership.

II. When certified, begin Mentoring your own Discipleship Group of 12 members (appointed from Acts and/or invited by you); and as you mentor three new Active Members for a 30 day period you are qualified for a part-time expense account to be used for ministry purposes.

III. Acts will continue to appoint additional Members to be Discipled/Mentored up to a maximum of 12 Personal Disciples. These additional Disciples may become certified by Acts and begin their own discipleship mentoring (Discipleship multiplication). As the Minister receives more appointments of believers to be discipled, there will be a specified increase in your salary and employee benefits as a full time Minister.  (See salary and benefits defined herein)

From your neighborhood to the nation and to all nations

The Acts Vision is a grass roots national revival that converts secular neighborhoods, unites communities, and fills church pews with passionate active members. The Vision does not limit God and is ultimately a worldwide revolutionary church planting process that is faithful and compliant with the Lord Jesus Christ teachings for discipleship multiplication.

“ I kept back nothing that was profitable [unto you], but have showed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house.” Acts 20:20

Moses answers God’s call by saying “Here I am” (Exodus 3:4). Moses made a great leader because he was simply available. Today we are all called to ministry yet, less than 5% of all Christians are actively discipling others. This places 95% of Christianity in violation of God’s commandment to make Disciples. It’s no wonder the Christian Church is losing it’s influence on societies and even nations are becoming more secular, more corrupt, and all to the detriment of God’s children. Acts unifies God’s Church and gives us immediate hope for our future as the light of the world. Acts promotes family values, moral values, financial wellness, temple maintenance, Christian health care plans, and provides a true Discipleship LIFESTYLE FOR A LIFETIME.

Remember, every Christian is called to ministry and should receive training and financial support (if needed) to continue in one’s calling. PLEASE NOTE: If you feel unworthy or not in need of receiving substantial financial blessings for serving Christ as you serve others, then you should consider a volunteer position with Acts or another church. Either way, we must all include discipleship in our service for Christ, unless of course if we are to be in disagreement with God and risk a luke-warm relationship with Christ. As such we risk something that all Christians should be fearful of being spewed out of God’s mouth (Revelation 3:16)!



Jesus’ mission statement can be seen at Luke 7:22;

and Mathew 28:16-20;
“Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor;Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Christians are ALL Commissioned and Commanded

for Discipleship Ministry in a Missional field of every neighborhood to every nation.

“God has not called us to be professional clergymen;

He has called us to be disciple-makers.” John MacArthur

“Both the Old and New Testament mark out discipleship as a requisite part of ministry,

not an option”   S. Lance Quinn

The Acts Mission Is a Ministry of Inclusion.

The best Cell Church leaders will have a sincere love for Christ and people. They are also of strong spiritual character and yet are real enough to build genuine friendships.

The Acts Church Member will learn to enjoy their new ministry as a new lifestyle. The Ministry of Inclusion activates our most passionate endeavors as they become the place to practice discipleship and counseling that is attractive to our friends, neighbors, and every sector of society. Our everyday activities of devotionals, witnessing, sports and recreation, fellowship, fitness, and small group ministry will be financially supported while increasing our focus on Inclusion of Christ. Whether we are studying the Word together at the local café, witnessing to a friend in need at the local park, enjoying a day at the beach with a counselee, fishing at our favorite lake with a new convert, playing a round of golf with our spiritual mentor, enjoying a couples or singles potluck, and finally paying off our debts; we will be Activating a Christ-like discipleship that brings our Lord closer every day. Then, as people see the joy in us, then we have become the light upon the lost world that all will want to know the true Christ.

“The Christian Church today builds from the inside out. The contemporary church needs the support of a congregation that practices an active discipleship lifestyle that is also outside the church walls; the need is a ministry that develops the church from outside in…

This critical need is filled with The Acts Para-Cell Church.”

                                                                         Christian Snyder, Pastor 

The Faithful Christian Mission Statement…

Romans 12:2;

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you can discern what is the word of God, what is good, acceptable and perfect.”

The Acts Church Founder and Head is Christ Jesus. His vision for the Acts Church is to change you and reward you as you practice “doing life” in a true Christian lifestyle…

(2 Corinthians 5:17).

The Act’s mission to accomplish this is to Act’-ivate lukewarm congregations through House (Cell) church discipleship ministry (Acts 2:42). This mission was inspired by God for nearly a decade through the Pastor of Acts. The inspiration has been verified by scholars, professors, and by many Brothers and Sisters that have sought counseling from the Pastor. Most importantly the Cell Church is biblically sound and proven to revive congregations.

Seldom will a person become a Christ-follower because a group of people mowed their lawn once. Seldom will someone choose to surrender to Christ because someone painted their fence one weekend. Most people will follow Jesus because they saw Christ’s love being lived out over time by people they already know.

Your Acts Ministry is leading small group(s) on a mission, not to just identify projects but to identify people who also see and hear the biblical calling. We serve them, love them, help them, and simply enjoy life with them.

The sterile nature of “projects” is just not passionate enough for our Lord;

He wants to personally enjoy life with you and through you, every day!

Christ wants to say to the world, Behold, my new Disciple!

When you think about Jesus, does your heart warm and do you feel a sincere love for him? If this is your heart or want it to be so, then join us to help others learn how they too can leave behind the old creature and experience God’s description of you when He said,  “behold this is my new creature” in my Son, Jesus Christ!  (2Cor 5:17) BEHOLD! You are His new daughter and new son that live to serve Him in your legacy of disciple making with your Acts Church Ministry!


“Be holy as I am holy”

(Leviticus 20:7, 26; 1Peter 1:16)

Ministers in the Acts Church are strong Christians that realize their calling, do not limit their God in their own calling, and leave behind their past to run a new Pauline race-more holy and joyful each day. We embrace our victory over sin by Act-ivating our faith, by serving (ministering) to those that God has brought into our path. Acts Ministers commit to a Christlike lifestyle that increasingly practices Godly ways to live; helping others with their new life so that we can move away from our old self. We find victory over our own trials by serving our mentorees in their spiritual quest. Our work is truly a joy as we include our daily ministry in a new lifestyle of prayer, service, mentoring, discipleship, fellowship, sports, recreation, and especially our family life;

 all become our daily ministry. We rest and attend our local church on Sunday to recharge for our ministry of discipleship… Monday-Saturday!

Am I Qualified?

If you are saved and truly wish to help others and develop your own spiritual growth, God accepts you today, right where you are! Acts Church will also accept you as you are! Do not hesitate or fear the ministry application or the calling to be trained and to lead. If you have a heart to truly follow Christ, He will lead you to a rewarding legacy and wonderful ministry in the Acts Church.


Your readiness is just as much a part of receiving a blessing as believing in a limitless God. In other words, I am so convinced that God is going to bless me that I am making plans today by building the biggest net I can to receive it all. The disciples’ net began to break when it only had 153 fish.

Its structure (preparation) was too small and weak.

How big do you vision your net? The leadership at Acts will show you how to propel your ministry into a bright new future with a BIG NET.

A Question for every Christian…

Will you obey your Lord Jesus and become more like Him, more passionate, more of a leader, more at peace, more abundant,

And offer more blessings to others?

What if you could afford to spend your days with family, friends, and especially with your Brothers and Sisters just enjoying the day that God has given you together in fellowship, witnessing our lifestyle, mentoring while enjoying a favorite sport, counseling while enjoying coffee together, keeping the Lord’s temple healthy in a favorite recreation, and develop a natural meditation on Christ?

Will you Succeed…Yes!


a) You will be spiritually growing in Christ assisted by your leadership team;

b) You will also be supported financially

so that…

c) YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO QUIT!—this is success.

First, one must get rid of any pre-conceived notions about your own past sin, your past failure, your self-inflicted limitations; and begin to see God’s view of who you are, why he created you with strengths and weaknesses;

 And within your humble weakness …

how you can become more like Christ.

The Acts Ministry will be very natural, exciting, and quite easy for any Christian who is passionate for Christ. If you’re not actively discipling others or just don’t have that passion any more, or maybe you are comfortable just attending church and maybe a weekly bible study;

This ministry is created to transform the luke-warm into the on fire leader. Anyone who is in Christ can do this! You can do this!

 Christ is calling you. (2 Cor.5:20)

What if your salary was $5,000 to $9,000/month? Then your daily calendar could look something like this?

This represents the full time minister. Part time positions will only require a few hours or more per week. Think of replacing any of the following examples of typical activities with your own passionate ones!


6-7 am: personal devotional time; Logon to your “Legacy Group” and check for daily notices (Required); meditate on this week’s Certification scripture;

7-8 am: prayer breakfast with family;

8-9 am: walk or jog with a mentoree, or;

Coffee with a Disciple, or;

9-12 am: Skating, Surfing, Tennis, or golf with your friends and Disciples,

Or any activity that is your passionate form of ministry;

12 am: Meet at a favorite cafe with a couple of your local Acts Ministers;

Discuss and plan your next mission or Church plant!

Pray for each others ministry, or

Invite a new Christian to join your small group

1 pm: meet with new church member at golf course (or any other recreational passion you may have) or;

Meet with a local church leader to exchange common ground for how Acts can activate their congregation and bring growth and revival or; meet with prospective church member at the gym (temple maintenance)

2 pm: meet a surfer at the pier (invite a new believer-catch a few waves!)

Or meet with a Sister for coffee/tea and maybe invite a new believer;

5pm back home for rest and dinner with family

7pm: visit one of your Mentorees Cell meetings or;

Invite some prospective Christians to an open Cell Service

9pm: prayer time with family and a romantic moonlight walk with my spouse!

And remember… invite Jesus!


What if you could afford to have this discipleship-fellowship every day!

And what if your discipleship minister’s salary blessing was something like $600-1200/Month (P/T) & up to $9000/mo (F/T)?

Yet, maybe you are feeling unworthy or uncomfortable of such financial blessings?

Would you prefer to limit your ministry with a secular job that limits and even excludes your ministry work? Will you be a slave to the world or a slave (minister) of Christ?


Apply today and join us in a real and professional discipleship ministry!


Discipleship is built on long term relationships. The most successful Small Groups are built on 12 great relationships that also develop their own 12. Jesus taught this to his original 12 and the world exploded with billions of believers.

First and foremost, God wants us to use His money His way.

Acts Church is merely the vessel to train and support God’s chosen; not by church politics and only with God’s resources; and not with bank loans or church building mortgages-Acts Church is debt free and fully supported by the Membership offerings that are inspired by Christ (The Holy Spirit)…

If you truly believe that Jesus is the son of God and voluntarily died to give you a salvation spent with him for eternity, then the Holy Spirit dwells within you and wants to help you use uniquely-given abilities called “spiritual gifts.”

Spir”it”u”al gifts: abilities given to each believer of Jesus Christ that are directly connected to the Holy Spirit. They allow the life and ministry of the church (us) to occur, mature, and powerfully multiply.

Acts Ministry is not just a job or a career. It trains you and financially supports…

Your own Ministry as a Lifestyle!

Spiritual gifts are our way of serving the Lord in the same lifestyle as Jesus showed us while ministering to the first Disciples. Chances are however, that you just can’t afford the time to develop and

ACT-ivate your spiritual gifts.

Praise Him!Jesus commissioned you to disciple others and prepare for his return. By leading our own Personalized Cell Church we come into agreement with Christ and we are blessed by our unity of faith; and as we give and love each other, we also love Jesus (Acts 2:42-47)

When thinking about our own Cell Church Ministry we should consider a passage in 1 Thessalonians 2 where the Apostle Paul and his colleagues demonstrate an informed understanding of the cultural context in which they planted and shepherded the church in Thessalonica. Without ever diluting the Gospel we can become a Missional church that relates to and is connected to the culture that we are hoping to influence. We must not be as the philosophers of Thessalonica advancing our own agenda but rather servants of Christ who advance His salvation plan through closely attended relationships (discipleship). The world must see the love and unity in our walk (lifestyle).

So just exactly what roles and positions in our cultural setting might you as Acts Ministers be projecting onto your Cell Members and the community?

It will be an awesome experience as people learn you’re an Acts Minister, which is actually just a true practicing Christian expressed formally and professionally. What a greater respect folks in your local church, community, and especially your own family will have for you as a spiritual leader; because they will associate you with the true Disciples who walked with Christ every day. Are you currently in a ministry that makes disciples? Then God bless you and stay committed to whatever ministry you have been inspired to serve in. However, if you are not discipling/mentoring anyone, then we are here to help you become all that Jesus has planned for you.

The question of obedience is for you to answer. Your answer is in the first and greatest commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength” (Mark 12:30; see also Matt. 22:37; Deut. 6:5; Luke 10:27); So we must serve (minister) with all of our own ability, and love our neighbor as ourselves (1 John 5:3; 4:21). All of which is simply to live a lifestyle that loves God and serves (disciples) his people and everything else will follow that passion.

We can become more spiritual than secular,

And more content in Christ than needy of the world;

And most importantly like Jesus we become more of the truth and of the light for others to seek.

Therefore, we need to be reminded about spiritual things on a regular basis. Through discipleship, we can practice those things that will keep us moving forward (leaving behind the old pain and failures) and as we serve others our own concerns and even weaknesses become our new strengths through a Servant-hood leadership.

Acts Discipleship training and multiplication takes hold in our everyday life and we at Acts discover more purpose as we realize:

1. It takes a disciple to make a disciple. While anyone can host a small group (even a non-Christian), only a true active disciple can make a disciple.

2. If only real disciples can make disciples then it is an important deduction that means if you’re not actively making disciples, you probably aren’t a disciple.

3. Disciples are rarely made in rows, or alone, on the internet, or in a college seminary classroom. From the Christlike model, a disciple is to be made in a circle of intimate trusting relationships. After all, becoming a disciple has far less to do with digesting information (like in a class) and far more to do with spending time with those who are becoming more and more like Jesus.

4. You don’t have to arrive before you begin making disciples (see Phil. 3:12-14). If you are saved with a true passion to serve, Acts leadership training will begin your spiritual development and your Acts leadership and personal mentor will never leave your side as you advance in your calling.

5. You don’t have to use printed “marketing and advertising” to make disciples. The early disciples made it happen even before they had the New Testament. The NT is simply a blessing for us to seek more of Christ and “hear” him speak to us in a personal and intellectual manner.

6. You don’t become a disciple by completing a course or curriculum. While some studies might be better at generating the kinds of conversations that open eyes and soften hearts, completing a study or a course isn’t like completing a degree program that qualifies you to use a title or certain letters after your name (like Rev. or PhD). You will be guided by the Holy Spirit and discipled through a Christlike model of leadership training. Knowledge will grow but is not your qualification to begin.

7. Completing a course or curriculum also doesn’t make you a disciple-maker. You might earn a credential, but what makes you a disciple-maker is that you’re actually making disciples.

8. Disciple-making takes time. You can’t microwave a disciple. The process won’t be hurried. A real disciple is always becoming more like Jesus. It’s what gives the disciple-maker the opportunity to say, “Here’s what the Lord is showing me right now.”

9. Like the servants in Matt. 25, every one of us is given opportunity to invest in others “according to our ability.” Acts Church provides the support to its Members as they enjoy their long term commitment to disciple making (Mentoring).

10. “Go and Make disciples” was Jesus’ final command. It was His marching orders to His disciples. It isn’t optional or reserved for those with the credential. It is a command for all of us.

11. We assure our sanctification when we choose to obey Christ this day forward and begin to connect with those Brothers and Sisters that are struggling or in need for a partner and a financially supported ministry.

12. Pray about twelve other Christians you know that would catch fire with their personal fulfilling ministry and a new hope for a better life in agreement with Christ.

Pastor C’s Calling 10 years ago and still today; is to convert lukewarm congregations into passionate and Act-ive disciplers with a solid biblical Christ-like teaching. The new Acts Church Member receives greater levels of Certification while being trained and developing their Cell Church groups of 12; they are awarded a monthly expense account and increasing salaries as Small Group Leaders. Acts Members begin by supporting their church with volunteer help and monthly offerings while they become certified as Ministers (Discipleship Multiplication has always been the foundation to every obedient church).

Acts Church will provide all who wish to obey Christ the training and support to get you started and more importantly to keep you going!

Our Purpose

The ACTS Church is a vessel for God to provide the training certification, ordination, and financial support that every ministry needs to fulfill a lifelong personal and intimate calling directly from our Lord Jesus; transforming your life into a lifestyle of ministry; mentoring and leading your Brothers and Sisters (Servant-hood Leadership);

A Christlike Discipling of those who are inactive, unchurched, lukewarm, or even fallen away completely from their faith.

Because of your decision to obey God’s commandment;

The 12 that join your Cell group can soon become your legacy of thousands and will be recorded in the church genealogy of those who were discipled by your ministry.

What is true “Christian ministry?”

Biblical Answer: “Ministry” is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning “to serve” or douleuo, meaning “to serve as a slave.” In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry in the form of discipleship multiplication—He came, not to receive service, but to give it (see Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17).
Acts Church is this ministry.
The Christian should minister by meeting people’s needs with love and humility on Christ’s behalf (see Matthew 20:26; Mark 10:43; John 2:5,9; Acts 6:3; Romans 1:1; Galatians 1:10; Colossians 4:12). Christians are to minister to others out of their devotion to Christ and their love for others, whether the other people are believers or unbelievers. Ministry to others should be impartial and unconditional, always seeking to help others as Jesus would.
Acts Church accepts all Christians at any spiritual level.
The ministry in our day has taken on more of a vocational meaning as we call pastors “ministers” to full-time service. Pastors do spend their lives in the ministry, they do minister to others, and they can rightly be designated as ministers, but pastors are not the only ones who are to be involved in ministry. From the early New Testament churches to the churches of our day, each Christian should be in the ministry of helping others (see Romans 12:3-8, 10-13; 2 Timothy 2:24-26).

Acts Church promotes all into Ministry who realize their calling and wish to respond.

The content of ministry seems to prioritize the ministering in spiritual things, not just practical things. Ministry should place emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others so they can come to know Him and receive Him as personal Savior (evangelism), go on to experience Him as Lord of their life (discipleship), and go even further to know Christ as the essence of their Life (sanctification); (see John 1:12; Colossians 2:6-7; Galatians 2:20; Philippians 3:8-10). Ministry can, and should, include ministering to the physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and financial needs of others. Jesus did, and so should we!

Acts Church fulfills this biblical requirement.

Revelation 1:5-6, “To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.”

We succeed or fail in accordance to our own character.

If we act more like Christ each day (lifestyle),

Then we succeed.

If we see others with the eyes of Christ,

Then we succeed.

If we go about our Fathers business-every day,

Then we succeed.

If we face our trials with faith instead of fear,

Then we succeed.

If we focus on helping others instead of ourselves,

Then we succeed.

Charles Spurgeon

“If I were asked, what in a Christian minister is the most essential quality for securing success in winning souls for Christ? I should reply, earnestness..!”


If you are earnestly seeking you’re calling to serve Christ,

You will surely succeed in the Acts ministry.


God’s church is divided, divisive, and dying. There are more unchurched “Christians” and lukewarm congregations than ever before in our nation’s history. The churches are closing their doors at an alarming rate and for one main reason, a failure to disciple their congregations in an attempt to promote mega church attendance through programs rather than a Christlike multiplication of lay leadership.

Along with the pluralism in a worldly acceptance of any god will do, The Barna Research Group found that “Half of all adults (50%) argue that a growing number of people they know are tired of having the same church experience.”

Biblical Solution: The Acts Church is a biblical founded ministry that develops spiritual relationships in a small group house church setting. Members receive certification training, and daily mentoring; which build lasting fellowship and a loving commitment between Brothers and Sisters. We all need help in bearing our own cross from time to time and the unity and assembly of weekly small group ministry with a daily counseling and mentoring relationship is the most effective way to exercise our spiritual gifts and become one body of Christ.

Our Local Church needs help – lots of help!

Lack of Staff and Expertise

Pastor “C” has consulted and counseled pastors and leaders of a variety of church denominations and rarely is the statement of faith, the church doctrines, or even the size of congregation the problem. The problem is transparency and unity. The staff has become insensitive to the congregation and each other, and usually feel over worked and underpaid. If the topic of for example, leadership depression and psychological disorder were to be discussed openly, there would be such an outpouring of need that the staff would be overwhelmed with requests for help and counseling. There is simply not enough time or qualified people available to even suggest our church could be a healing agent for people with enormous counseling needs.

Therefore, it would be unfair to encourage our church people to seek help and then not come alongside them and assist them in their healing journey. The task can be overwhelming both in terms of emotional and financial resources.

Again, the Acts para-church Cell Ministry is the answer! We can all help each other as peers rather than depend on the “professionals” who are either unavailable or unaffordable to offer long term care. If the person in need has been carefully evaluated for any medication needs, a Brother or Sister with some basic Christian Counseling training can help their recovery immensely with a long term commitment…a solid Christlike loving commitment!

Common Ministry failures and why Acts Church will not fail.

There are basically seven reasons why ministers fail.

1)    Lack of time for genuine intimacy with Christ, Spouse, Family, and other leadership/mentoring  relationships; (Acts will provide duplicatable counseling/mentoring with financial support for leaders to afford the time needed for spiritual growth and physiological health (1 Cor 6:1)

2)    Inadequate understanding for their calling; (Acts will provide spiritual and temperamental evaluation)

3)    Inadequate stress management skills as the joy becomes a job; (Acts will provide one-on-one counseling with a certified leader that might just take him “fishing!”)

4)    Lack of necessary boundaries; (Acts will provide the leadership mentoring and written guidelines that change work into passionate activities)

5)    Failure to prioritize re-creation (Acts will promote a lifestyle of serving Christ in our own choice for recreation, sports, and fitness ministry)

6)    Insufficient people skills (Acts will provide the evaluation of temperamental strengths and weaknesses for correct ministry appointments and new focus on interpersonal skills, fellowship, and the fun times of an Inclusion Ministry Lifestyle)

7)    Lack of leadership skills (Acts will train those who are not naturally given these relationship skills in a lead by example methodology)

There are also seven reasons you are guaranteed success in this Ministry.

  1. Persistence in Christ – Proverbs 24:16
  2. Persistence in Christ – Galatians 6:9
  3. Persistence in Christ – Hebrews 12:1,2
  4. Persistence in Christ – Titus 2:2
  5. Persistence in Christ – John 14:26
  6. Persistence in Christ – James 1:1-27
  7. Persistence in Christ – Luke 18:1

An important question for you…

Is the Holy Spirit working through this Pastor?

Here is a sample of what they say…

“Hi Pastor Christian, I am sending a sincere heart prayers and thanks for you, from a mothers heart I wanted you to know how thankful I am for you being so consciences and for seeing my son in such a crisis time and I am saying extra special prayers for you this evening. What a hero you are to drop everything and see my son, a wounded soldier, and also my favorite hero.”                                                                              A.    Myers, CA


“I want to thank you for saving my marriage. You gave me exactly what I needed to hear and my wife and I are back to church together and our family is back together too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C. S.J, CA


Dear Christian, Your words have touched my husband’s heart and is helping him immensely. He sees God through you which is life changing for him!                     T.M., Oceanside, CA 


“Hey Christian, I just wanted to call and say thank you again for meeting with me and just really means a lot…I appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you again and have a blessed day.”

                                                                                                                               Trevor, CA

“Pastor, Thank you for the key biblical points…

I am very excited about turning my life back over to Christ. Because of our short time with you I feel the strength of the Spirit working in me and my wife almost instantly.”

                                                                                                                               Walt D., CA

Questions and Answers to consider before applying…

Why join the Acts Church Leadership Team?

We are not in alignment with Christ without “Act-ing” out our faith. (See Phil 2:12) We must ask ourselves if just being a good person and a good witness is enough to have Christ see us as his disciple. The last earthly words (a Commission and Commandment) spoken from our Lord Jesus was to “Go” and preach (evangelize) and make disciples and in this journey He will be with us always.

Whether a believer decides to join Acts or any other discipleship activity, it is critical that we all are able to follow through on our commitments to other believers. The Acts program gives the proper training and financial support that has been lacking in the corporate church; failing to provide financial support for the lay ministry and consequently restricts the congregations from affording the proper time and long term commitment to those that are invited into church membership. Therefore, it is requested that the Acts Members make an Offering commitment to support the Acts Leadership Ministry services for a minimum term.

Listen to God speak in Matt. 6:21;

“…for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

If we want to be financially blessed and still avoid becoming enmeshed in materialism, we need to cultivate a lifestyle of spiritual growth and ministry; plus cultivate a godly manner of dealing with our money and material possessions. The Bible describes this as a habit of consistent, sacrificial financial giving to God’s work.

HERBERT KANE: “The last part of the person to convert is the wallet.” How true we’ve seen this to be! Therefore, we need to form deep biblical convictions about this area as soon as possible in our Christian lives.

Remember there is a critical connection between our perspective on material things and spiritual things.  

The ultimate investment you can make with your life is only by investing in something that will outlast it. Jesus invested His life in twelve men for three years. Now, two thousand years later, look at His return. Jesus had a supernatural yield on His rather small, but passionate investment.

Just think about the potential of investing your life (with the Holy Spirit) in a handful of disciplers for the rest of your life. The impact of your few short years on this earth can continue to draw dividends for many years after you are gone. That is also called an eternal investment! Generation after generation of disciples will be reproduced because you were a reliable person that trusted the Lord to lead you just as he led his original disciples. The generations of your fruitful ministry will know who you were as they can see your legacy through the …

…Acts Record of Ordained Leaders!

The Acts Church will provide every member and their posterity with a genealogy of every new disciple that originates from their own original 12. Can you imagine the crowns in heaven from your own legacy of a truly active and passionate ministry!

Your personal and direct calling from Jesus

So how about your calling from Christ? Are you making the ultimate investment; with your cross to bear; with a new lifestyle; a new joyful work; a rewarding service to your Brothers and Sisters; a new character; a new respect; an abundance of giving and receiving; a new passion for life; or, are you wasting it on things that just don’t really matter?

Ask yourself right now how many people will you invest your life in with the days you have left? Ask yourself if your ministry is optional? Rather you begin here with Acts or in another calling, YOU ARE CALLED. If you start investing in God’s calling to develop your Cell Church now, you will be making an unselfish and eternal investment. Because discipleship ministry is not optional for the true Christian, you must choose to make this day the day that the Lord has made for you, to choose Him first. Someone said it like this — “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed.”


You are called to serve others as our Lord Jesus has set forth in HIS plan to reach the world. He has no other plan but the Great Commission…

He simply said, “Go and make disciples.”


Upon making application to the Acts Church every applicant will undergo a Spiritual Gifts evaluation that provides the member with his/her strongest spiritual gifts that were given to us from God. These gifts will become the foundation of your Certifications and qualifications for leadership. The Cell Church groups are the most effective place to discover and to exercise Spiritual Gifts.

How long does it take to receive a salary?

Financial support begins the following month of the Discipler I Certification and qualifications; however, we should only begin serving in any ministry because we receive the spiritual blessings from God immediately, in the moment we decide to obey, in the excitement of our new journey. Depending on the individual experience, time commitment, and spiritual gifts, Members could become Certified Ministers and eligible within a few months or possibly by the second month. The financial blessings outlined herein are to provide God’s money for the Acts Members who are committed to the biblical model of small group discipleship. Spiritual leaders can best serve when they are fully dedicated to the work of the Lord—to the study and teaching of God’s Word and ministering to the needs of the body of Christ.

If a minister must continue (beyond a reasonable time) working at a job to provide for his family, then he/she will be distracted from the ministry and forced to divide priorities, leaving less time to adequately shepherd his/her flock. We therefore have developed non-political qualifications to allow a very short time commitment to volunteer work; as the Acts Church is purposefully driven to create leaders and support them financially, who will be ready (with close mentoring) to serve their own flock (Cell Church) in a variety of ministries within months rather than years.

What the Bible Says About Salaries for Your Ministry?

1 Timothy 5:17-18:
Elders who do their work well should be respected and paid well, especially those who work hard at both evangelical practice and discipleship/teaching. The Scripture is clear and direct, “You must not muzzle an ox to keep it from eating as it treads out the grain.” And in another place, “Those [Christians] who work deserve their pay!”

What if I do not own/rent or have a house to meet in?

Any facility that can accommodate the Cell Church Guidelines will be approved as your own Home Cell Church. Another Brother or Sister may join you and offer their home or your own Local Church may be willing to offer a meeting room (if the pastor sees your ministry as a true character of Christ with the motive to grow his congregation and provide training that is in theological compliance with their church doctrinal beliefs).

It is not recommended that the Member rents a facility unless they are prepared to commit to at least one year and does not acquire any financial burden or debt whatsoever.

How do I know God’s Will for my own ministry?

If you are a Christian then you are called to go and make Disciples and you are called by God to make Jesus Christ your Lord. He must become prevalent in every area of your life and work. (Matthew 28:19-20; Ephesians 2:10) Your own style or type of ministry will depend on you spiritual gifts and passionate area of service.

Will we obey Christ or will we remain lukewarm?

The con temporary Church of Christ has generally become luke-warm and has failed to provide a Christ-like mentoring disposition leaving congregations with Sunday services and programs that are wonderful, evangelical, and entertaining yet, not providing the support for the true life of a disciple as we are called to outside lay ministry. The inactivity of congregations is against the commandment of Christ to Act out their faith and to work out their salvation; to go and make disciples.

Acts Ministry is about activating your faith… Ministry is about putting your money where your mouth (preaching) is; using God’s money to support the leaders as we all train to also become leaders. It’s about Discipleship multiplication. According to the Apostle Paul, he had much to say regarding a change in thinking. The Bible states in Romans 12:2;

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that by testing you can discern what is the word of God, what is good, acceptable and perfect.”

Within the first part of this scripture it clearly refers to a process of change – rejecting what is unacceptable to God in today’s world which includes many negative and corruptible processes in both our personal and public lives. The second part of scripture identifies with the need to expect God to work in your life! This activation of faith can only exist if we are looking for or testing to discern God’s work. Testing is a process of evaluation. Are you evaluating God’s work in your life? Through this analysis, we can discern what is pleasing God and what is not. God knows that if we look and expect His action, believing and activating our faith and if He agrees that it is fitting to intervene; we will witness His work, and our faith will grow by leaps and bounds! On the other hand, if our expectations are not met, because God did not intervene then He is expecting us to continue trusting Him! Is it your time to really change and find His purpose for you?

The Acts Church is your vehicle to become that new creature in Christ! You can leave behind the old and embrace the new…Behold you are new and you are ready!


The greatest problem with our secular society is that the church is serving secularism by default rather than leading with an active discipleship example. This is already revealed as church apostasy by the great Apostle John in Revelation 2:10, “…be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life.” Note that this crown displays twelve stars: Daniel 12:3, “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.” (See also Revelation 1:20). The woman of chapter 12 is a picture of the church that follows the true gospel of Christ. At the time of the end, there will come a “falling away” (apostasia, 2 Thessalonians 2:3). The church, which was once pictured by the faithful woman of Revelation 12, is now pictured as the “whore” of Revelation 17. (We must keep in mind that this is not the eternal, spiritual church, against whom the gates of hell shall not prevail; but of the external, corporate church.) In this time of great apostasy, the true believers will have left the corporate church, and they will be outside of it weeping over its fall. They must therefore be prepared to go “underground” and support each other without reliance on the Anti-Christ and his computer chip number for the people’s provisions.

The Acts program is therefore in alignment with such need. There needs to be a foundation built upon the teachings of Jesus to be ready with a duplicatable church for those left behind after the rapture; that have possibly been luke-warm; or even biblically trained but not yet evangelized or discipled. The church will become apostate and we must be prepared to prepare those left behind. They must be ready to lead in small Cell Church ministry.

So just what is apostasy and how can I recognize it?                                
Answer: Apostasy, from the Greek word apostasia, means “a defiance of an established system or authority; a rebellion; an abandonment or breach of faith.” In the first-century world, apostasy was a technical term for political revolt or defection. And just like in the first century, apostasy threatens the Body of Christ today which brings us to the next observation of John’s prophetic vision of the inevitable apostate church in Revelation that should give us warning to prepare for this apostasy. It is that time for us to unite the church and once again to support each other as did the original church in Acts 2:42-47.

Acts Church Executive Pastor

Nothing can stop the biblically founded prayers of a righteous church whose time has come. The Acts para-Cell Church focus for activating congregations around the world was revealed to the Pastor of Acts nearly a decade ago, yet the Lord had demanded a time of preparation and severe trials to bring forth the new creature (minister) from this once lukewarm believer. The character of the Acts Church Pastor is revealed through his history of success and failures yet; he is ready to lead this church only by his passionate desire to serve his Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Who is the Pastor and why should I join the Acts ministry team?

CS Photo

Christian Snyder has been saved since his college association with Campus Crusaders for Christ in 1978, which was also influenced by his upbringing in the Lutheran Church. He holds a BSBA with 18 years experience as CEO for a once international legal and financial services organization; a Charter President for Rotary International; and subsequent to his calling into ministry, completed seminary degrees, summa cum laude, with a Masters in Christian Leadership; a Masters in Pastoral Counseling; Masters in Divinity; and his PhD is in Pastoral Counseling (IP 2015). Christian’s wife Casey is dedicated to her Jesus and enjoys her work as a research biologist that for her continues to biblically and scientifically solidify God as the origin of life. Their children enjoy church, surfing, and too much video gaming! They are a very spiritual family and committed to their Lord Jesus as Head of their home.

“Pastor C” has been a leader and employer of hundreds. An innovator in two industries he believes in the Pauline strategy to build our tents while we begin to serve Christ in formal ministry. “God has called us all into a discipleship ministry; and has provided us a path with The Acts Church; but only when we are willing  to carry that cross.”

As a Member of the American PrePaid Legal Institute assisted with the model bill 120; in late 1980’s he presented a Legal Defense Plan Bill to a foreign territory of the US legislature which was successfully passed into law. His philanthropy started as a Charter President of Rotary Club International supporting needy children, foreign missionary work, and continues today with a children’s ministry in Baja Mexico providing free dental and cleft surgical care. Every part of his life became a source for philanthropy including Racing for Charity, a desert racing team, Spirit Golf Tour, a Christian only Pro-Am golf tour, and even his horse ranch was used for 10 years to help poor immigrants learn equestrian skills and become legal American citizens. As CEO of a Legal and Financial Services Organization, he was however, not serving Christ. After many years of corporate success the Lord had called him again to serve. When he refused again to completely submit to the Lord, God stripped him of all his worldly wealth, independence, and even his physical health would be compromised.

But we do not have to suffer such trials – God wants to bless you and give you life abundantly. God is jealous about His relationship with you. The greatest method for walking with Christ is through discipleship ministry.

Act-ivate your faith today…

Revelation 3:16 clearly deserves repeating as it represents today’s contemporary church with God’s seeming anger of Christians who are inactive and without a passionate ministry. These again are the words from God as a warning to those “Christians” who think that active ministry is optional….

God said it clearly, “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot,

I will vomit you out of my mouth.”

We at Acts like to think of this ministry as a “life assurance plan” that assures us of our obedience to Christ in this life and subsequently assures us of our eternal life; not by our works but rather by our passion to serve as Christ came to serve us. We want to leave behind a legacy that resembles our Lord and prepares a future for our Posterity (both our natural and church family). We can be bold and brave for Jesus because our Acts Church is behind us as we can be confident in our faith, as we become more and more confident in our commitment as Acts Church Ministers.


Formal church ministry can present a dilemma for traditional believers. People go into the professional ministry because they like doing the work of the ministry. Pastors generally enjoy and are gifted in leading, teaching, preaching, and counseling. They can many times be taken astray by emotional feeling of being “the one” congregants look to for comfort and answers. This is not only impractical, – it’s not biblical.


In Ephesians 4:11-13, we see that Paul had a different idea about ministry. He says that the role of the “paid staff” – the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers – is not to do the work of the ministry, but to “prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” The clergy, the paid staff’s main job, according to Paul, is to prepare the church members to do the works of the ministry. Our job as leaders is to RECOGNIZE a Brother or Sister with passion or need for more passion, commit to their discipleship and prepare him or her to do the same within the lifestyle of ministry. And that will necessarily mean EVENTUALLY letting go of the job you may have presently or support your spouse in her/his ministry calling. We therefore must conclude that we are all to become ministers. What would our churches look like if the total congregation would obey this calling with the correct attitude? If we all 1) considered ourselves as ministers and 2) were treated that way by our paid staff? What would those congregations look like? Answer…REVIVAL!

The Scriptures tell us to be separate from the world and to not do as they do…do not be like them, Romans 12 says do not be conformed to the world but rather seek to be like and serve like Jesus.  What does it really mean to Go make disciples? Do we see the transformation in the lifestyle of Christians today? Why not? It is primarily because most Christians do not truly and passionately seek Christ first in our daily walk because we are serving the worldly responsibilities of family, work, money, materialism; and spending more time planning a vacation from all this stress than we do in God’s calling for us to make disciples.

Acts is your new lifestyle of a Relationship Ministry

That includes Christ in every aspect of our daily life.


6.1 Definitions:

Acts of Disciples Church is our title of God’s Para-Church Ministry or Cell Church Ministry that we believe most closely emulates the original Apostolic Church of Acts 2:42-47. Technically we are a Ministry of Disciplers according to the State Corporation Commissioner and IRS. Yet, we are Biblically the people of God and we are The Church.

Apologetics is a practice every Member will have a basic knowledge and application in their ministry. “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence,” (1 Peter 3:15).

Baptism is the biblical methodology for inward confession of faith in Christ given by The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:41) and the outward (water Baptism) confession and faith in Christ Jesus (Matthew 3:13-17).

Cell Church is the small group venue for weekly house meetings that are private and exclusive for Active Members of the Acts Church.

Cell Meeting (open) is the small group venue for Members to invite non-members who are interested in joining the church.

Compensation and Qualifications: See Philippians 4:19; And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” As    members give to the church, they support the new leaders in their spiritual growth and discipleship ministry. As they reach greater levels of certification (spiritual maturity) and qualifications, they receive increased financial support in the form of expense reimbursements, salaries, housing allowances, and other forms of compensation as provided in the Ministry documents and approved by the Board of Elders.

Certification (ordination): Members will achieve Certification of Ministry and become Ordained Ministers within their spiritual gifts and individual ability and time commitment. There are 10 basic criteria that will be met according to the position, testing, and maturity of the Minister.

Cell is the contemporary name for the New Testament House Church (Acts 2:42). Distance Cells are outside of the Mentor’s Cell including internet and social media relationships.

Church is the body of Christ either as a member of Acts or any other true Christian Brothers and Sisters (1 Corinthians 12:12).

Church-House is another name for Cell Church and more specifically if the Cell is located within a residential area.

Church-Home Cell is the Minister’s own personal Cell/House Church from which his/her local Members will meet each week or as scheduled by the Minister.

Church-Local is the Member’s current church that they should continue attending regularly for Sunday services, fellowship, and continue tithing or giving to in a prayerful and heartfelt way. (2 Corinthians 8:14)

Discipleship (Individual) is when a commitment is made to mentor another believer in Christ. This is a lifelong commitment until the new disciple/member is fully prepared and certified as a Minister of Acts Church. Mentoring consists of weekly fellowship and counseling both individually and within the Cell group services. Men will generally disciple men and women will disciple women in the context of person to person mentoring (peer mentoring). Strict adherence to Romans 16:21 and 2 Corinthians 8:23 peer groups will adjust individual mentoring to include at least one additional church member of the opposite sex.

Discipleship (Mixed Gender) will sometimes be required for the mentoring of opposite sex church members. Men discipling women will always include an additional church member or her spouse whenever individual meetings occur for any reason including counseling, training, and mentoring. Pastoral Counseling services for the opposite sex will also require the accompanying of one additional church member. Likewise, women will avoid meeting individually with their male mentorees and such meetings must always include an additional church member or the male’s spouse. Acts Church leaders will take every measure in our demand for absolute respect and honor for the women members/ministers of Acts. Women leading their own Cell Church are vitally important to Acts and are equally valued as the male members. They are honored and rewarded for their ministry work as highly as the men. (Gal. 3:28; I Pet. 3:7; Prov. 31:10-31)

Discipleship Multiplication is the long lost art of developing close relationships with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, leading and mentoring them, and serving their needs in a Christlike love. Jesus taught this same principle to the original 12 disciples and commanded us to “go and make disciples” which means to activate our faith and become ministers and servants to each other. As we do life for and with each other we also do and live for Christ. (Matt. 25:40; 28:16-20)

Divisiveness is any act of arguing doctrines of men; gossiping rather true or not; causing another Brother/Sister to stumble; or any conflict behavior that is not handled in a biblical manner as described herein. Above all else is unity and love among the members. (Acts 13:1-2) – They labored side-by-side until the Spirit set them apart for the first missionary journey.

Heresies are such errors as Pluralism, Secularism, Arianism, Gnosticism, Modalism, and Pelagianism; Christians must better understand their own faith.  A heresy is simply a deviation from the truth that has become a lifestyle or practice of false teaching;

“For there must also be factions among you, in order that those who are approved may have become evident among you.” (1 Cor. 11:19) Truth will be evident in the lifestyle of every Acts Minister.

Membership Classifications:

a)    Active Member is one who is in compliance with church attendance and annual tithing commitment.

b)   Inactive Member is when the member is unable to maintain their active status in their tithing commitment, and/or attendance in their Cell Group.

c)    Suspended Member is a temporary status for the member who has either taken a temporary leave of absence or failed to repent of sinful behavior that is also causing division of the church members or causing any Brothers or Sisters in Christ to stumble. He/she may reactivate their membership only when the church leadership confirms a confession and repentance.

d)   Canceled Member is a temporary status for members that are spiritually led to leave their Acts church service and ministry; provides written notice of same to the church leadership.

e)    Ex-Communication is an extreme and unusual procedure to remove the Member with loss of all benefits and compensation, who is divisive, has refused to reconcile a conflict, or is living a lifestyle of sin against the biblical calling for sanctification, or has misrepresented information about his faith in Christ, or is a current member of any cult or follows cultish activity, or is actively engaged in secular legal claims against Acts Church or a fellow member, or for any act of sexual harassment or repetitive inappropriate behavior towards other Member(s), or any other serious biblical violation towards the church. Reactivation would require a 6 month healing process and a Board of Elders approval.

Minister Classifications:

a)    Certified Minister is any Member that is certified as a Discipler or higher position in the Church Hierarchy.

b)   Ordained Ministers are those Members who have achieved the Counselor I Certification position and made application for ordination.

c)    Pastoral Ministers are those Members who have reached the Counselor II Certification position.

d)   Executive Minister is any Member that has achieved the Bishop appointment according to the Bishop Ministry Leadership qualifications and actively contributes to the Board of Elders.

Tithing and Offerings: We observe the heartfelt giving of any amount the church member has prayerfully considered with the request that such offering be consistent as defined under the Tithing section herein. That the Tithing and Offering is made by each member according to their prayerfully led decision as a 12 month commitment to receive weekly Cell Church Services, Education & Leadership Training, Pastoral Counseling, Mentoring, Certification; for the financial support to the church leadership. (Acts 2:42-47) Members should prayerfully balance their Tithing/Offering between their local church and their Acts Church.

Tithing (Biblical): When we obey the Law of Tithing we are blessed. Malachi 3:10 says, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” When we don’t pay tithing we are stealing from God. “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings” (Malachi 3:8)

Tithing (Monthly Auto Pay) . An important part about obedience to the Law of Tithing is to pay it faithfully. This means that we shouldn’t begrudge paying it, such as grumbling in our hearts about “having” to give money.

Tithing (Annual Giving).The member may at his/her option make an annual Offering within the context of a monthly contribution amount.

Tithing-Refunds: Faithful members of the church tithe, which represents donating one-tenth of our income or their heart-felt Offering. We also give other offerings and tithing to the “Sunday Service” local church. These funds are used in caring for the essential needs of members and ministers, leaders, and humanitarian outreach. The annual commitment (given weekly, monthly, or annually) is critical to supporting God’s Church and therefore does not provide for any refunds of tithing. The member may cancel or change the monthly commitment amount with thirty days prior written notice.

Ministry: “Ministry” is from the Greek word diakoneo, meaning “to serve” or douleuo, meaning “to serve as a slave.” In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the correct methodology for Christian ministry—He came, not to receive service, but to give it (see Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17). The venue and style of ministry is the Minister’s choice and should be pre-approved by the Acts Lead Pastor; and includes any activity that leads others to Christ in a passionate and discipleship manner.

Ordainment: Though called and qualified in the eyes of the Lord, many potential ministers are denied a ministerial covering by their denomination because they fail to meet the standards that have been set forth. Sometimes it may seem like a mountain of obstacles restrict their ability to become an ordained minister. Many Christians feel unworthy of God’s calling for them to minister. We need to remember that it is God who calls and ordains; man just recognizes what God is doing. Acts Church will recognize God’s spiritual maturity in every member at the given leadership level and ordain them.

Salaries and Compensation: All compensatory privileges are rewarded according to the guidelines of training and certification specified in the Ministry Positions/Classifications offered. They will continue renewing on each anniversary date of the time of appointment as “Minister” until either party cancels according to the constitutional guidelines. Compensation will be paid by the church charter as a full time employee (or) as a contracted employee from a designated employment and payroll service organization, as designated by Acts.


A) Denomination. Acts is a non-denominational church with its focus on truth, unity, and discipleship as it also supports the local churches of Jesus Christ.

B) Assets. There is no ownership of church assets by any individual Member, Elder, or any person. The church will not make any purchase of assets or long term contracts without a Board of Elders voting forum approval.

C) Tithing and Offerings. The offering made by Church Members must be a prayerfully biblical amount. The Board of Elders, Treasurer, and the designated licensed Accounting Firm, will be in constant notification with multiple entities accountable for all Tithing, Revenues, Salaries, and Expenditures. (Acts 2:42; 2 Corinthians 8:20-21)

D) Financial Reporting. Acts Church Administration will provide annual Statement of Financial Condition and Change in Financial Position Reports to its Active Members (upon request), Directors, Finance Committee, and at each meeting of the Board of Elders. A monthly and quarterly budget report will be made available to the Members upon request and will be presented to the Board of Elders at each formal meeting.

6.3 The Church Purpose Defined

A) The primary purpose of the Acts of Disciples Church (Ministry) is to provide an organization of Christian Ministerial Leadership in the support of 1) The Great Commission; 2) The Member’s local church attendance and tithing; 3) Discipleship training, evangelizing, fellowship, ordainment, and other educational certification. (Matthew 28:19, 22:39; Mark 12:31)

B) The secondary purpose of the Acts Church is to provide a biblical distribution of financial   support to the leadership. The apostolic like process is a non-political qualification that allows every Member to earn a commissioned/salaried position in the Church Organization, without the exclusive control of executive appointment. (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)


6.4 The Statements of Faith


General Statements of Belief

We believe in the Triune God. God created and loves all of His creation – the earth and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross, his victory over death by resurrection, and his Great Commission for all believers, as God’s Spirit is active in the world.

We are all part of God’s purposeful plan as we gather for fellowship, worship, and connect with believers everywhere. When we meditate on the Holy Scriptures or hear God’s word in worship, we are drawn more deeply into God’s saving grace.

The convictions shared by Christians from many different traditions are expressed in the church statements of belief called creeds. These ecumenical creeds that Christianity affirm and use in worship, confess the faith of the Christian church through the ages and around the world.

The Confession of Faith in Christ and the activation of that faith in the Acts Church membership is part of the ministry commitment to Jesus Christ. The Acts Church accepts the following creeds as true declarations of the Christian faith and historical progression of God’s church:

1)       The Apostles Creed

2)       The Nicene Creed

3)       The Athanasian Creed

Specific Articles of Beliefs

Article One:

Acts of Disciples Church believes that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God. The Bible is the final authority on all matters of life, faith and ministry practice;

Article Two:

Acts of Disciples Church believes in the Triune nature of God; one in substance, manifested in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit;

Article Three:

Acts of Disciples Church believes that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, took upon himself the form of man, with two distinct natures, and by His atoning work through His death, burial and resurrection has made salvation for mankind by His free grace;

Article Four:

Acts of Disciples Church believes that salvation is an act of God’s grace by the work of the Holy Spirit in regenerating and converting the hearts of mankind by His free gift of saving faith;

Article Five:

Acts of Disciples Church believes in the personal return of Jesus Christ, the eternal damnation in a literal hell for the unsaved and everlasting life with the living God for the righteous;

Article Six:

Acts of Disciples Church believes that there is but one Head and one Founder of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ; that it is the responsibility of the Church and its institutions to maintain His Lordship over their activities and not submit that right to any individual, corporate body, forced statutory privilege, government agency or head of state;

Article Seven:

Acts of Disciples Church believes that every area of life is to be subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and we adhere to a world view and personal  lifestyle and spiritual view which seeks to make the Lord Jesus Christ preeminent in all things; that all Christians are called to their own active Evangelical and Discipleship Ministry; with an outward expression of faith through water baptism.

6.5 The Vision and the Calling

The Vision is a grass roots national revival that converts secular neighborhoods, unites communities, and fills church pews with passionate active members. The Vision is ultimately a worldwide revolutionary church building, developing, and planting process that is faithful and compliant with the Lord Jesus Christ teachings for discipleship multiplication.

“ I kept back nothing that was profitable [unto you], but have showed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house.” Acts 20:20

The Calling is a discipleship lifestyle that converts luke-warm congregations into passionate and Act-ive disciplers with a solid biblical Christ-like teaching, mentoring, and counseling. The new Acts Member receives greater levels of Certification while being trained and prepared for developing their own Cell Church groups of 12; they are awarded a pre-set monthly expense account and increasing salaries as Ministry Cell Group Leaders.

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(Under the Biblical authority of Ecclesiastes 4; Acts 2; Ephesians 4; et al)


A) Must be a confessed born again Christian with a personal invitation from a current Member of Acts Church in agreement with the Statement of Beliefs herein.

B) Read thoroughly and complete the Application for Membership with Certification of Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and agree to the Acts Church Statement of Faith, Ethical Guidelines, monthly offerings, and theological purpose of the Christian ministry; requiring the Christian Disciple to Go (Act-tivate the faith) and disciple others. Print the last page with signature and mail the executed Application to Acts Church-New Membership, 825-268 Harbor Cliff Way, Oceanside, CA 92054, or personally deliver to the Acts Cell Leader.

C) Attendance. Members will sign in at each weekly Cell Church service and the Cell Church Leader will email the attendance report to (Look for updates on Email and web addresses) 

D) Membership Offering/Tithing Acceptance. The Acts Church will accept any Christian Disciple regardless of their Offering amount or their current level of education or spiritual maturity, notwithstanding the Churches right to refuse applicants who are living in rebellion against God and participating in divisive or destructive behavior such as illegal drug use, fornication, sexual immorality, and cultist activity (Psalms 78:8; Isaiah 30:1; Titus 3:10). To meet God’s purpose within the Church vision, leadership training needs, counseling and mentoring services, ordainment and certification costs, and other educational costs, we request tithing/offerings of $25/week; however, any offering amount is acceptable as long as the annual commitment is prayerfully made from the heart of the giver. This one year commitment is greatly needed to help those less mature to persist in their training however; the Offerings may be adjusted or cancelled any time with a 30 day prior written notice by certified mail to The Acts Church current address. Please support your Brothers and Sisters with any offering above the $25 weekly request and commit to one year in a quest for your own time to fulfill personal spiritual development and realize your own growing ministry.


Begin attending/supporting the small group ministry that you were initially invited to join. Remain in unity with the Acts Church Weekly Discipleship, Worship, Educational, Koinonia Recreational, Fitness & Sports-Temple Maintenance, New Church Planting, and other Programs announced from time to time as led by the Holy Spirit. Remain in attendance and support of your Cell Church group until you have been trained, and Certified as a Minister, and ready to establish your own Local Cell Church of 12 Members; at such time you will be released from attending your Mentor’s Cell Church Group.


Weekly Personal/Family Counseling from an Acts Certified Pastoral Counselor

Mentoring from the Acts Senior Pastor, District Bishop, Personal Mentor, and/or Local Leaders will be available at all times.

Begin to qualify for Minister’s Certification, Cell Support, and/or Salary according to the Certification Levels provided herein.

Receive your personalized Acts Ministry business cards at the “Minister” promotion of Discipler I, associate email/web site link, and other promotional materials as they become available (new pre-approved Acts design logo cards with your new title at each new Certification granted)

To assure your long term successful ministry, Acts will continue to support the members and lay ministry with training, counseling, and financial support to each Active Minister.

Personal Spiritual development and improved health is accomplished through the Ministry Certifications and Temple Maintenance program as supported by the member’s accountability/ support group.

Receive your training to qualify for the Discipler I-Minister Certification. Enjoy the Fruit of your good works and be promoted to the next position of an Acts Certified Discipler I-Minister.


  2. A)  Active member in good standing and in consistent attendance with their local Christian Bible based Church.
  3. B)  Volunteer development of a Home Cell Church service/ministry with 12 Active Members; and plant one new Cell from your group. May plant Cells from outside the local Home Cell (Distance Cells) with conformation from the Holy Spirit and your mentor;
  4. C)  Provide documented weekly meeting times and subject matter (maintaining personal confidentiality) with your personal group members, counselees, and prospective members.
  5. D)  Provide daily documented spiritual practices for improved meditation on scripture and prayer time in meeting the Certification requirements for the Acts Minister position. (UNLOCK YOUR FIRST 7 KEYS – SEE DETAILS BELOW)
  6. E) Provide documented fitness training and dietary improvements under the Temple Maintenance Program.
  8. A) Provide a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly small group(s) Bible based ministry (supported by your Mentor) offering the same basic services in unity with the Acts Church Program yet offering your own individual spiritually led program; including group Bible studies, praise and worship, and fellowship. Apply your own personal and cultural enhancement to each church meeting and/or;
  9. B)    Meet with each individual Member of your small group weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.


  1. A)  Receive weekly biblical study and training lessons for the Discipler II – Certification.
  2. B)  Participate in weekly Cell group bible study and fellowship meetings exclusively for Acts Members only.
  3. C)  Acts business cards provided with your new position title.
  4. D)  Begin receiving a monthly support/salary of $500 with 7 disciplees and $700 with 12 disciplees as a part time minister from the Acts Charter Organization. All salaries incur necessary tax withholding unless otherwise established as exempt. (IE: Housing Allowance, Minister’s tax exemption status, etc).
  5. E) Automatic monthly tithing to your local church from the Acts Minister salaries and continues at each position (Optional).


  2. A) Maintain Discipler I qualifications for minimum of 30 days.
  3. B) Complete Discipler II Certification Training (UNLOCK THE 7 KEYS OF THE OVERSEER)
  4. C) Develop two New Cells (Total of 3) from your own Cell Church group while still mentoring those Ministers that have planted their own Cells.
  6. A) Remain in unity with the Acts Church Weekly Outline for Discipleship Training, Worship, Educational, Koinonia Fellowship Recreational, Fitness & Sports-Temple Maintenance, New Church Planting, and other Programs announced from time to time as led by the Holy Spirit.
  7. B) Remain in leadership and support of your Home Cell Church group until you have discipled an additional two Cell Leaders that will begin development of their own 12 Members; as you continue mentoring and supporting their spiritual growth and chosen ministry. Meet with each individual Member of your church weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.


  1. A) Receive weekly biblical study lessons for the Discipler II Certification
  2. B) Participate in weekly Cell group bible study and fellowship meetings exclusively for Active Acts Members only.
  3. C) Additional Acts business cards
  4. D) Begin receiving a monthly salary of $2000 (Two thousand) as a contract employee.


  2. A) Maintain the Discipler II position for a minimum of 30 days
  3. B) Provide proof of Ministerial Ordination, or apply to Acts Church for new ordination.
  4. C) Complete the Counselor I Certification including the training for basic family counseling. (UNLOCK 7 KEYS TO ORDAINMENT)
  5. C) Develop 2 additional Cell Church plants (Total of 5) from your Home Cell Church group while still mentoring those Ministers that have planted their own Cells.
  7. A) Remain in unity with the Acts Church Weekly Discipleship Training, Worship, Educational, Koinonia Recreational, Fitness & Sports-Temple Maintenance, New Church Planting, and other Programs announced from time to time as led by the Holy Spirit.
  8. B) Remain in leadership and support of your Home Cell Church group until you have discipled an additional two Cell Leaders that will begin development of their own 12 Members; as you continue mentoring and supporting their spiritual growth and chosen ministry. Meet with each individual Member of your church weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.


  1. A) Receive weekly biblical study lessons for the Counselor I and II Certification.
  2. B) Participate in leading weekly Cell group bible study and fellowship meetings exclusively for Active Acts Members only.
  3. C) Additional business cards
  4. D) Begin receiving a monthly salary of $3500 (three thousand five hundred) as a contract employee.


  2. A) Awarded Certification of the Counselor I
  3. B) Complete the Certification Requirements for the Counselor II-Pastoral Counselor Ministry including the Creation Therapy training for; clinical diagnostics evaluation, solutions focused pastoral family counseling. (UNLOCK THE 7 KEYS OF PASTORAL COUNSELING)
  4. C) Develop two New Cells (Total of 7) from your own Cell Church group while still mentoring those Ministers that have planted their own Cells. Maintain the Active status of the Cells and Acts leadership will assist with replacement of any attrition with new Ministers.
  6. A) Remain in unity with the Acts Church Weekly Discipleship Training, Worship, Educational, Koinonia Recreational, Fitness & Sports-Temple Maintenance, New Church Planting, and other Programs announced from time to time as led by the Holy Spirit.
  7. B) Remain in leadership and support of your Home Cell Church group until you have trained an additional two Cell Church Leaders that will begin development of their own 12 Members; as you continue mentoring and supporting their spiritual growth and chosen ministry. Meet with each individual Member of your church weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.
  8. C) Continue to meet with each individual Member of your Cell weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.
  9. D) Provide documented evidence of at least 3 Christian counseling sessions including the basic evaluation, recommendations, and final dispositions. (Names will be coded to maintain confidentiality-see Acts Christian Counseling guidelines in the training materials provided)


  1. A) Receive weekly biblical study lessons for the Elder Ministry Certification.
  2. B) Participate in leading weekly Cell group bible study and fellowship meetings exclusively for Active Acts Members only.
  3. C) Additional Acts business cards
  4. D) Begin receiving a monthly salary of $5000 (Five thousand) as a contract employee.


  2. A)    Complete Certification for the Elder Ministry (UNLOCK THE 7 KEYS OF ELDERSHIP)
  3. B)    Develop 3 New Cells (Total of 10) from your own Cell Church group while still mentoring those Ministers that have planted their own Cells. Maintain the Active status of the Cells and Acts leadership will assist with replacement of any attrition with new Ministers.
  4. C)    Peacekeeper Experience. Provide documented experience with the proper handling of a church related conflict or other dispute resolution testimony.
  6. A) Remain in unity with the Acts Church Weekly Discipleship Training, Worship, Educational, Koinonia Recreational, Fitness & Sports-Temple Maintenance, New Church Planting, and other Programs announced from time to time as led by the Holy Spirit.
  7. B) Remain in leadership and support of your Home Cell Church group until you have trained an additional two Cell Church Leaders that will begin development of their own 12 Members; as you continue mentoring and supporting their spiritual growth and chosen ministry. Meet with each individual Member of your church weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.
  8. C) Continue to meet with each individual Member of your church weekly in any selected area of ministry, i.e. Bible study, Counseling, Mentoring, Outreach, Music, Recreation/Sports, Health and Fitness, Accountability, Advocacy, Fellowship, etc.


  1. A) Receive weekly biblical study lessons for the Counselor I Certification.
  2. B) Participate in leading weekly Cell group bible study and fellowship meetings exclusively for Active Acts Members only.
  3. C) Additional Acts business cards
  4. D) Begin receiving a monthly salary of $7000 (Seven thousand) as a contract employee.


  2. A)   Complete the ACTS 242-Master Spiritual Developer (MSD) individualcourse project (UNLOCK THE 7 KEYS OF A BISHOP – and receive the Bishop Certification.
  3. B)   Develop 2 New Cells (Total of 12) from your own Cell Church group while still mentoring those Ministers that have planted          their own Cells.
  2. A)    Daily Leadership and Mentoring support to the appointed District Cell Churches.
  3. B)    Weekly reporting to the Acts Senior Pastor.


  1. A)    New Bishop Celebration Banquet provided for all Cell Leaders;
  2. B)    Appointment to the Acts Board of Elders;
  3. C)    Bishop embossed business cards;
  4. D)    Begin receiving a monthly salary of $9000 (Nine thousand) as a contract employee.



The appointment of Board Members will be accomplished as each Minister achieves the predetermined qualifications. The Elders or Bishops will received additional financial support in their own choice of mission work and have all expenses paid to attend Board Meetings and other national/international Church sessions, meetings, conferences, and other Board approved venues. Exceptions will include the initial appointments inspired by the Holy Spirit for the Board of Directors and final approval by the Senior Pastor. To remove any potential of political motive, the traditional election process will be replaced with automatic invitation to the Board of Elders when the first 25 Members to have achieved the Elder position and for all future Members that achieve the Bishop Certification. Bishops will have equal voting privileges with a forum of three with a maximum of 25 Board Members in attendance; with all future Bishops voting by proxy unless otherwise voted for larger attendance. The first 25 Elders or Bishops will receive additional financial support in their own choice of mission work and have all expenses paid to attend Board Meetings and other national/international Church sessions, meetings, conferences, and other Board approved venues.

7.9 (a) The Daily Work – Part Time

Part time schedules would vary greatly depending on the Member’s time and current lifestyle. The daily schedule could be simply a devotional time with God, including some time for certification work, discipleship, and their weekly small group Cell Church service and other communications with disciples.

7.9 (b) The Daily Work – Full Time

A typical daily schedule for the (full time) Acts Minister is to serve their Cell Members as follows or adjusted to the individual member’s spiritual gifts and personal schedules:

Upon rising in the morning –prayer devotional time and certification work

Family time before leaving home

Mid Morning Meetings with one or two members

Late Morning is optional for any chosen ministry (evangelism, fellowship, fitness, sports, bible study-meditation, community service, philanthropy, etc.)

Noon- opportunity for mentoring or time with the Acts Leadership team

Early Afternoon is optional activities for mentoring one-on-one

Late Afternoon is optional for family time or counseling care service

Early Evening (5-7) Family time and/or prep for weekly Church Service…

Later Evening (7-9) Visit other Cell Church meetings or lead Home Cell

Retirement for the day will be in prayerful thanksgiving and finishing that Christian book or some Biblical intake for some interesting dreams!

This could be similar to your new life– to live for Christ as you serve others. The Free Will to enjoy doing life with your Brothers/Sisters and to experience God’s abundance!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

7.9 (c) The 7 Biblical Keys Process

The 7 Keys Process involves 3 parts of a complete Christlike discipleship ministry:
1. Ministry Training and Certification: Responding to Scripture as inspired by The Holy Spirit.
As led by the Christ, the Acts Pastor and your Mentor will be in meditation and prayer for the assigned “Key” scriptures for meditation on by the Member/Minister/Mentoree/Disciplee.
Unlock 7 Scripture Keys with total reliance on the Holy Spirit to guide you in a biblical study and written essay response to the Pastor, and copy to your Mentor.
2. Discipleship: Mentoring and Counseling those in your Cell Group with Biblical study Unlocking Key passages; Spiritual development practice of walking in the Spirit,  and mutual accountability for the Christian lifestyle. Your Pastor and/or Mentor will meditate on your written essays and offer inspirational responses to unlock supernatural messages from the Holy Spirit.
3. Choosing ministries that you are passionate about, applying the Biblical Keys to your lifestyle, and inviting other Christians to join your Acts Cell Church services.

7.10 Paid Vacation Times (Acts Ministers):

All national holidays and times of illness will be time off to rest and heal; with discontinuance of weekly Cell Services and individual mentoring. Sundays should also be a day of rest including Local Church attendance. Additional holidays of at least 3 weeks per year should be taken with much time for family and alone time with Christ. These are all “with pay” times. We at Acts believe that Christ wants us to enjoy our fellowship and peer mentoring time. With this correct disposition we expect our Ministers to enjoy their ministry and treat their work as a blessing and great times of unity in spirit. Time away from their ministry is to be used as a time closer to Christ and family.

7.11 Basic Cell Church Services:

  2. BIBLE STUDY (OT – NT  as designated by the Executive Pastor and Cell Leaders)
  4. GUEST SPEAKER – Example: Health Ministry-Temple Maintenance Review
  5. GROUP PRAYER- CLOSING-optional additional fellowship.


8.1 MENTORS MEET ONE-ON-ONE with each Home Church Group Member twice per week for:

  1. Certification Review
  2. Counseling – Mentoring
  3. Fellowship
  4. Temple Maintenance and other personal needs review

8.2 ACCOUNTABILITY REPORTING will be submitted to the Mentor and the Senior Pastor for review and approval towards certifications.

8.3 PERFORMANCE EVALUATION will be given by the Cell Leader/Mentor each month to assure the successful growth of each Cell as one united in ministry. To avoid any exclusion of any Christian from serving, and reduce attrition, Acts does not set minimum experience or production requirements. Acts does not set time limits or standards that may not be in line with the will of God in their individual ministry calling. This also allows all commissioned members to begin part time as volunteers, independent agents, or contractors until they have established their position as a Leader of their own Cell Church and with the Certification and qualifications of The Overseer.

8.4 Members are provided a weekly bible based hermeneutical study of scripture interpretation and application essay. These essays are to be focused on the individual leading from the Holy Spirit. The Member will pray and meditate on each weekly scripture until the Spirit leads them to an inspired truth. Members will report that truth and the application of the scripture in their life. The essay will be critiqued by the Senior Pastor, Bishop, or other qualified teacher; and then each essay will be questioned for further discussion or approved towards Certification. All answers and interpretations must be directly related to the individual Member’s inspired interpretation through prayer and optional fasting to prepare the Member for guidance and truth exclusively by the Holy Spirit. The only resource permitted for Certification is The Holy Bible excluding commentary or internet reading or research. Each essay is and the only answer must be discovered in the meditation on scripture as the Bible is to be its own interpreter, its own dictionary, and its own truth. God speaks to us through his Word.


The Ministers time will vary according to their own ability to lead and develop productive relationships with their Cell group. This is a team effort with constant support from the Executive Church leadership. Even superstars need the support from the rest of the team. We must simply take the personal time required for each individual disciple and make that time productive with Bible study, prayer, recreation, and any other mutually enjoyable activities that help to develop a lifestyle of Inclusion Ministry (always including Jesus).

We are proactive in our care and mentoring of every one of our 12 church members. If relationships and predictable hours are genuinely important to the performance of our leaders, then someone who refuses to serve their team will need to adjust their priorities—no matter how well they are doing in their  “discipleship multiplication.”

In an age of cell phones, texting and email, it’s a mistake to confuse timely discipleship mentoring with only electronic communications. Unlike the traditional church we can and must be there for our members-in person (whenever possible).

Our Main Objective: Wise leaders never forget their Brothers and Sisters needs for encouragement and their own family that supports them. We have a serious problem in America; as our churches are lukewarm and failing to lead our secular society. Our witness is greatly void of true love for each other let alone our neighbors who likely have no clue about our faith. Christ commissioned us all with a critical service that needs to be done. We are less concerned about the hours put in than with the obedience to God’s calling and your new and abundant lifestyle that others will see.


IX. Ethical Standards

9.1 Code of Ethics:

The Acts Church is a religious organization whose Members and Ministers are dedicated to the enhancement of each Member’s spiritual growth and development and thus to the worth, dignity, well-being, unique spiritual gifts, and leadership potential of each individual.

As the Code of Ethics of Acts, this document establishes the constitution and biblical principles that define the ethical behavior of all ordained or lay ministers of the Church.

A violation of the Code of Ethics constitutes ministerial misconduct and without repentance and the restoration of any interpersonal divisiveness will result in an administrative review and possibly the termination of membership. These decisions are trusted upon the prayerful decisions of the Board of Elders.

Members agree to these difficult executive decisions and hold Acts and the individual Board members harmless against any legal claims.


A) Members/Ministers are fully responsible for their ministerial decisions and actions within the basic ministry description that may change from time to time as customized for each Minister.

B) Ministers have an essential responsibility to do no harm.

C) The well-being of those counseled and served is paramount.


A)  Ministers must recognize the limits of their competence and must practice within the scope of their background, training, knowledge, and experience.

B)   They are urged to maintain competence in their areas of practice through continuing education and practical experience.

C)   The Acts Church offers Certifications for advancement. While we do not require our Members to take our Certification courses we do expect the individual Member to serve with the best of their God given ability and;

D)  Those Members who are handicapped will not be expected to travel or participate in activities beyond their capacity of safety or physical ability. They will always seek help from their Mentor and/or other church Members to assist them with any such activity.

E)   The church is to be held completely harmless from any legal action associated with activities among the Members, Mentors, and Ministers even when such activities are within the scope of their ministry.

9.4 Moral and Legal Standards: (Under the doctrine of the inerrant Biblical Scriptures)

A)      Ministers’ moral, ethical, and legal standards of behavior as they pertain to their ministerial duties, character, and personal lifestyle must serve to enhance the spiritual growth and development of those they serve and reflect positively on the Church.

B)      In their service role, ministers must not engage in any action that will violate or diminish the legal or civil rights of anyone they serve.

C)      Being found guilty in a court of law of an offense that compromises a minister’s suitability to serve in a ministerial role is misconduct.

D)      When ministers are confronted with a lack of moral, ethical, and/or legal standards of conduct, the ministers must search their own conscience and consult their Spiritual Source, then confer in confidence with a church colleague and/or the Acts Church Senior Pastor, and seek legal advice when necessary, in order that they may resolve the dilemma in favor of the Highest Good of all concerned.

9.4  Temple Maintenance Program (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

A)  Members will begin a daily fitness training and dietary discipline subsequent to a medical exam and doctor’s approval. A log book may need to be maintained to share with the member’s personal mentor (accountability partner).

B)   Any Member that is restricted from exercise because of a disability, perceived disability, or any other legitimate reason is exempt from the training requirement and should rely on their dietary regiment only. (See Daniel 10:2-3)

C)   Members should seek the guidance of a certified fitness instructor and nutrition professional to protect them from any injury or training errors. Members will pray and fast according to their own personal ability and should seek advice from a licensed dietician to make appropriate dietary changes in support of the best possible health and weight goals.

D)  Hold Harmless Agreement. Members agree to hold Acts and any agents or members of Acts harmless against any potential injury or death from participating in any Acts program(s) rather voluntary or involuntary participation.

9.5 Conflict Resolution: (Under the guidance of Matthew 18: 15-17)

A)  All conflicts between Members will first be addressed privately between the two Members;

B)   When the resolution is unsuccessful, the Members will bring another Brother or Sister as a peace keeper;

C)   When three or four Members are not able to resolve the conflict, Members agree to bring the matter before the Leadership Counsel.

9.6 Reasons to not apply for Membership with the Acts Church:

A) Self pride and unwillingness to be mentored or discipled;

B) A focus on the financial blessings rather than the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, mentoring/training, serving, and spiritual growth;

C) Your current calling in ministry is in conflict with the Acts Program;

D) You are not saved or are living in a sinful lifestyle;

E) You are under the legal age of 18.

9.7 Public Statements:

A)    In public statements regarding their ministry, including advertising, ministers should represent themselves as members of the clergy, using an appropriate title such as Minister, Discipler, Spiritual Mentor, or Associate Pastor.

B)    Ministers’ and Members’ public statements must not contain false or misleading information regarding their credentials or the ministerial services which they offer.

C)    All public statements must be consistent with the Code of Ethics.

D)    Other than to indicate they are ordained by The Holy Spirit and members of the Acts Church, ministers shall make no public advertising regarding the name of the Church without prior approval in writing by an executive official of the Church.

E)     Advertising the Acts Church is not necessary and each Minister/Member should rely on the Holy Spirit to move them wisely in carefully choosing their mentorees.


X. Principles and Social Doctrine:

First Principle is that we are all Brothers and Sisters in Christ supporting and loving each other, always greeting each other with respect and joy.

Second Principle is that we do not exchange our face to face discipleship and mentoring times with electronic communications. Whenever possible we are available in person and with the spirit of encouragement.

Third Principle is that we keep about our Father’s business with joy in our heart and a big spirit of Jesus on our faces!

A Fourth General Principle of Communication: Complacency is warned against in the context of Rule # 2. Acts church will be continually adding web site functionality to become more efficient however; church management software is never purposed for making people lazy or impersonal-but it often does. In humanity’s quest to make our lives easier, we often rely more on machines than our spiritual calling. Software can’t replace human judgment in spiritual situations where humans were created for such complex and meaningful inter-personal relations. Computers are good for repetitive monotonous tasks, but humans are the best for spiritual decision making, mentoring, and encouragement.  Texting and email should be limited to daily scheduling, scripture references of encouragement, general notifications, and certification requirements. Communication outside of the human and spiritual elements will be monitored as we are here to become united and spiritually connected in our quest to become irresistible to the lost world and a new light for Christianity.  The world will judge us by our love for each other (John 13:35). We can become a church that is irresistible! To accomplish this;

10.1 Members and Ministers Agree to the following:

Members understand that the Acts Church is a non-denominational discipleship focused program and does not allow or tolerate any divisive behavior or uncontrolled emotional arguments concerning the doctrines of men. Ministers are to be supportive and encourage other members to seek such interpretative understanding from their own Biblical Intake through long term meditation with guidance from the Holy Spirit and the church elders. 

Members agree to resist and not engage in any political discussions with the intent to persuade or otherwise promote any political agenda. We believe that our best influence on society is through our own lifestyle and love for each other.

The Members will never cause division of the church or act in a divisive way including; doctrinal arguments, gossip, strife, jealousy, envy, selfishness, or by any other inappropriate behavior. The members will always seek to love and support those who are struggling with difficult temperaments or sin. Members will treat each other in a Christ-like Servant-hood manner with unity of Spirit. Members will be held financially responsible for losses due to divisiveness or any other action to redistribute membership without prior written approval from the Executive Pastor.

I understand, however, that if a lifestyle that I am taking part in is harmful to the Testimony of Christ; that I am expected to repent of these actions and strive to gain victory over them.

I understand that great confidence can be placed in my Mentor/Counselor and that no information will be shared with anyone outside of this counseling relationship except as it involves church development, leadership, and character issues that are first brought directly to me by one or two associate ministers. I furthermore understand that state/federal law may have certain exceptions to this Provision.

I understand that only my first name will be used when my case is being discussed with other counseling resources and care facilities.

I understand that I and my Pastor/Mentor/Counselor are the only parties to this counseling relationship and that I must first agree to the inclusion or involvement of any other pertinent parties prior to their involvement.

I understand that the goal of this counseling ministry is not to create a dependency upon Christian counseling, but to help me grow spiritually and  become free through the power of blood of Jesus Christ and to have life more abundantly according to John 10:10.                                                                        

10.2 Cell Church Guidelines and Rules

The Minister/Leader of their local Cell Church will provide a clean and safe environment for their members.

Compliance with all local and state regulations along with any Home Owners Association provisions must be respected and maintained.

There must be appropriate parking accommodations that do not interfere with neighbors or traffic flow considerations.   

No alcoholic beverages are permitted during the formal meeting times and the members agree to maintain a strict obedience to God’s calling to be Holy and not to cause others to stumble. (See 1 Corinthians 6:12, 8:9-13; 10:31; Leviticus 10:9)

10.3 Open Forum (Inclusion non-Members and unsaved) and Closed Forum (Ministers/Members only)

The Minister/Leader of each Home Cell Church will provide one Closed Forum each week to Disciple and Fellowship in Communion with Church Members only.

The Cell Leader will also provide a weekly Open Forum to Evangelize, Worship, and Fellowship with prospective members and other guests. Members are encouraged to support these Open Forums whenever possible.   

10.4 Reservation of Rights

Acts reserves the right to store Private Documents in any format, including hard and/or electronic copies. If you provide Acts with a hard copy Document, you acknowledge that Acts may create an electronic copy of such Private Document and destroy the hard copy. References to “photocopy” and “copy” in these Terms of Service and other Acts materials, including without limitation the Web Site, Emails, letters, guides, and brochures, do not imply that Acts retains hard copies of Private Documents. The terms “photocopy,” “copy,” and “electronic copy” are used interchangeably throughout these Terms of Service.  

10.5 Dispute Resolution (Secular/Statutory)

All Church Members have the right to and are encouraged to then file a complaint with his or her Mentor, Cell Leader, and District Bishop concerning the un-repented sinful conduct of any Member.
The parties agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims pursuant to the rules of Acts membership. A Member has the right to but will refrain from, filing a secular complaint with his or her state government concerning the conduct of any other Acts Member, Minister, or Leader, prior to completing the biblical process noted above in Section (9.5).
10.6 Internal Church Counseling

Ministers performing Counseling to Members under the terms of this Agreement must maintain strict confidentiality and hold Acts Church harmless against any disputes or claims made. Members who are not yet Ministers of Acts Church are not agents or employees of Acts and any rendering of counseling services to other Members shall maintain the biblical and spiritual relationship only with the Member, and is solely responsible to the Member for all services provided. It is within the sole discretion of the Church to biblically determine whether claims or defenses pertaining to any matter under this Agreement present a frivolous or otherwise unmeritorious claim or defense. Members who are certified counselors or pastoral counselors reserve the right to offer independent spiritual care regarding such counseling Members and will in no way influence or attempt to affect the rendering of other professional services for their Counselees.

10.7 Automatic Pre-Authorized Monthly Contributions/Tithing/Offering

Because it is vital to the leadership and administration of the church, members agree to commit to a term of one year with a legal right to change the amount of monthly contribution with a 30 day prior notice. Members should seek God’s will in prayer and counsel with the appropriate people in their life before making this offering commitment. Although every Christian is called into the active discipleship ministry, not all are able to perform under this program and should give careful consideration to the requirements without being swayed by the financial blessings made available.

10.8 Notice of Automatic Annual Renewal
Acts will send a reminder email to the email address of record for your account approximately one month before your Annual Renewal Date. Members acknowledge and agree that this notice is provided as a courtesy only, and we are not obligated or required to provide such notice. Members acknowledge and agree that (i) your failure to read, (ii) inability to receive, or (iii) the failure of Acts to send the email does not create any liability on the part of Acts or any third-party service provider.

10.9 Offering Adjustments

Members may increase or decrease its Offerings for church membership effective the first day of a renewal term by giving written notice of the new amount at least thirty (30) days before the beginning of the annual renewal term.
10.10 Termination or Cancellation
By Acts;

The unity of church is critical to our faith and if the member initiates or participates in any divisive behavior including the sin of gossip, arguing over doctrines of men, negative criticism, false witness, any emphasis on financial gain, swearing, inappropriate dress, improper use of alcohol or drugs, sexual harassment, child or spousal abuse, or unwillingness to repent from such sin, will be brought before two Members and if not resolved immediately then brought before the church leadership for proper biblical action which may lead to excommunication and loss of all Membership and/or Leadership status and benefits.
By Member;

1. After you have received this Application/Agreement and Acceptance of Application in your Confirmation Email, you have ten (10) days in which to examine it for reconsideration. If during this period you decide that you are not satisfied with the Agreement, you may cancel the Agreement and have any initial offerings refunded. Future “tithing” is the Lord’s money and may not be refunded for any reason.
2. You will have the legal right to cancel your membership any time by providing at least thirty (30) days’ notice before the start of the next renewal period for the tithing/offering. This is a statutory right and is however against the one year church commitment and your vow to God. After such cancellation, your Church membership will remain active until the end of the applicable period.

Change in Membership/Services after Termination
Members who wish to change their Cell Church membership location must obtain the approval of all leadership involved or affected by the change. Generally, the member must remain under the original Mentor’s supervision unless changing location of Cell attendance is due to a moving of residence of more than 30 miles distance from the original Cell Church location.

After termination of your Church membership subscription, either by you or by Acts, you will not be able to access the corresponding Church membership services and benefits; provided, however, that any access rights granted you through a separate channel (e.g., through another membership) will remain in full force and effect unless and until separately terminated or cancelled.

10.11 Professional/ Independent Judgment

Members performing legal services for Church membership Members under the terms of this Agreement are not agents or employees of Acts. Any attorney rendering legal services to Members under a Church membership shall maintain the counselor-member relationship with the Member, and is solely responsible to the Member for all legal services provided. It is within the sole discretion of the attorney to determine whether claims or defenses pertaining to any matter under this Agreement present a conflict of interest for any party herein. Members and their professional counsel will make independent professional judgments regarding such conflict or presentations. Acts will in no way influence or attempt to affect the rendering of professional services of these professional relationships among members.

10.12 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Advice Disclosure

To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by the IRS, we inform you that any communication from Acts (including information provided by a pastor, member, minister, or a member-professional offering free consultation) is and was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (1) tax advise under the Internal Revenue Code or (2) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any tax matters addressed therein (3) Members should seek and rely on all legal and tax related advice from licensed professionals.


11.1 A Certified Minister for ACTS
A Certified Lay Minister is a qualified Acts Church Member commissioned to small group leadership as part of a ministry team under the supervision of a Mentor, Elder, Bishop, and the Senior Pastor.

The Member completes the certification process for a “Minister Qualification,” which includes training, support, supervision and accountability while serving in a local Cell Church assigned by the Mentor and Elder or Pastor.

11.2 What does Certification mean?
Certification is the process recognized in the Acts Church pastorate to prepare someone for significant service. In this case, certification provides a layperson with the training, support, supervision and accountability to lead an Acts Cell Church.
Remember: certification is intended to be an on-going process even subsequent to the Bishop position — not an end in itself. The minister’s education will be a lifetime of meditation on Scriptures and one of the best disciplines for this awesome glorification of God begins with a Membership in Acts. The Member will make offerings for the support of training and educational services from the leadership. Discipleship Certification will lead to Discipleship multiplication leading to Cell multiplication. Certification is necessary for the spiritual (non-political) appointment of leadership.

11.3 Where do I start earning the leadership positions?
Certified Minister, (requirements and service distinctions) are provided from the Acts Church Constitution and Qualifications for Minister that may be adjusted from time to time by the Acts Board of Elders. The commissioned or salaried positions are held to a strict standard of biblical consistency and integrity.

11.4 How is the ACTS Minister different?
The Acts minister is a unique, recognized gifted and trained servant in the Acts Church. He/she is intended for the Missional planting of additional cell churches as part of a team ministry under the supervision of their Mentor, Elder, Bishop, and Senior Pastor. As part of the historic continuation of ministry leadership in God’s church, Acts resembles the early church Exhorters, Class Leaders, Lay Preachers, and Missioners.

11.5 What attire is appropriate during Cell Church Services?
Since the position of Certified Lay Minister is not always a clergy position, the Acts Lay Minister should accommodate the cultural or Missional approach to dress. Appropriate attire would be regular ordinary “go to church” clothes, or simply a well pressed and semi-professional look. The Cell leader influences his/her small group in the work of ministry and should not look inconsiderate or dress in any way to cause a Brother to Stumble. Therefore, pray about this part of your walk.

11.6 Titles. The ACTS Cell Leader-Minister should not assume the title “Pastor,” or be addressed as a Reverend unless such prior title has been accomplished. The Acts Church will supply the Minister with appropriate titles which will be published on the Acts web site and on the Minister’s business cards.


XII. Additional Membership Benefits:

12.1 Members participate in the weekly EXCLUSIVE KOINONIA (closed-member only) Cell Church services designed to worship Jesus, be inspirational, intimate fellowship, rewarding, educational, and to provide anything needed for every committed member (Acts 2:42-47).

12.2 Members receive pastoral counseling to develop a greater sense of purpose for their new Christian lifestyle.

12.3 Members become Certified Ministers through biblical education courses and real life experience to be applied in their personal application of developing a more rewarding Christian lifestyle experience. Members are tested for spiritual gifts and ministry calling; all of which revolve around discipleship certification and mentoring in the Cell Church venue.

12.4 Members will obtain spiritual maturity throughout their life long journey of following Christ, following Acts Mentors, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Teaching, Ministry of Leading, Ministry of Small Groups, Ministry of Cell Church Planting, Ministry of Giving, Ministry of Counseling, Ministry of Koinonia, Ministry of Worship, Ministry of Preaching, Ministry of Health and Fitness, Practice of Meditation of Scripture, Practice of Scripture Memorization, Practice of Discipleship Multiplication, Practice of Evangelism, Practice of Fasting, and the ever rewarding Practice of Devotions, and Prayer Intervention.

Members will experience the rewards of supporting the Church through their initial volunteer services and may look forward to the blessings of the financial support from Acts commissioned and salaried leadership positions as defined by the Acts Constitution, Policies and Procedures, and Biblical Standards.



Take Advantage Of The IRS Special Rules For Minsters

There are more than 12 different ways Acts may customize a minister’s compensation package to take advantage of the special tax, insurance and retirement benefits that are available. Additionally, if your cell church runs a school, teachers (possibly your spouse) can qualify for the same tax benefits as the minister.  Every possible scenario, from the Housing Allowance to a tax free retirement plan, is available to create the best possible package for each Acts employee.

How Much Should We Pay Our Ministers/Employees?

The new IRS Compensation Initiative, which is designed to audit minister compensation packages, makes deciding how much to pay our pastor, ministers, and employees dependent on many factors. Unfortunately, the IRS does not give us any guidance on how to do it.  For that, we turn to our professionals that are constantly reviewing the court rulings and case law to provide our ministers with absolute protection from income tax problems. These tax benefits also reach into retirement to provide years of tax free income.

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